You only live once. So live for a thousand.

While the last bit of sunlight for the day dances across the canvas of your luxury safari tent, you take a moment to breathe and reminisce about your self-drive adventure so far. Just moments ago you were off on a game drive where you came eye to eye with a herd of Africas gentle giants and now you’re sitting back and toasting to the day with a refreshing sundowner while somewhere in the distance (or maybe not so distant) a lion starts to wake from underneath the shade of a beautiful Baobab tree.

What an adventure. You’ve experienced the beautiful vistas of the Kalahari and never-ending Acacia trees, but now, it’s time for a little scenic flight over the Delta to really end the trip on a high note! Let’s dream together about what your luxury safari to Botswana will look like?


What will your Botswana story be?

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you just see a picture of a place and instantly fall in love? That was Botswana for the three of us. We’re not sure what captivated us most, the wilderness, the freedom, or the unknown… but we just knew it was the place for us. As a traveller, an entrepreneur, a dreamer, and more than anything human beings, we just had to set off on this adventure. After many photographic trips, self-drives, plane safaris, bush walks and of course, a dozen nights in the most spectacular lodges – we want to share the gems and secrets of Botswana with you.


Inspiration for your adventure in Botswana.

Group Safari Botswana

Discover all of Botswana’s highlights in an adventurous group. Travel from camp to camp with plenty of laughs and adventures. Will you join us? Seventeen-day trip from €2.850,- p.p.

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Follow the water

Fly-ins, game drives, boat trips, and luxury lodges. What more could you dream of? This trip will tick all of your boxes from Maun to Khwai, the Okavango and Victoria Falls.
Thirteen-day trip from €8.950,- p.p.

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Five star expedition

Ready for an incredible luxurious fly-in safari? I mean, who isn’t? From gorgeous exclusive glamping to high-end lodges and private safaris in Linyanti. This is the whole package!
Eleven-day trip,€ 21.500,- p.p.

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Journey of a lifetime

So you want to see everything, experience everything? From sprawling deserts to the infamous Delta, and of course, the meerkats. This is for you! Super luxurious and unforgettable fly-in.Twelve-day trip from €7.850,- p.p

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Off the beaten track

Imagine this, you’ve got your own fully equipped 4×4 with a rooftop tent and you’re in the bush. Adventure from campsite to campsite through beautiful Botswana and find your inner wild child! Are you up for it? Sixteen-day trip from €3.450,- p.p.

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The adventurer

Start your engines. Drive from adventurous campsites to luxury lodges and discover the best of both worlds that Botswana has to offer.
Seventeen-day trip from €5.850,- p.p.

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The best of Botswana

Hop in your 4×4 and travel through beautiful Botswana to the most luxurious lodges. This is an exciting and laid-back safari style for those adventurers who appreciate luxury!
Thirteen-day trip from €6.950,- p.p.

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The land of the Tswana.

But also home to the renowned Okavango Delta, sprawling national parks, incredible wildlife, 4×4s, campsites, and luxury lodges. The sky is the limit when you travel to Botswana, that’s why we only offer highly tailor-made trips when planning your adventure. Where to start!? Take your time to read about this beautiful country. Here you’ll learn the ins and outs of Botswana where you should find the answers to your questions. If not, send us an email and let’s chat!

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