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Sometimes things are meant to be. Sometimes the time is right. And sometimes an encounter feels almost destined. Like the encounter with the country, you lost your heart to. The encounter with the elephant herd at a waterhole. The meeting with King Macoco. But also the encounter between three adventurous people in Botswana. These are the stories of Nancy, Ebe and Storm. These are the private safari planners for your personal encounter with Botswana.

Nancy & Ebe

Enterprising adventurers share experiences.

From the roof of their Paul Marsh converted Landcruiser ’79, two people enjoy their favourite view of Botswana. The Makgadikgadi salt pans. Dressed in safari gear, they look relaxed, but the adventurer’s blood runs through their veins. So it is not surprising that the two former culinary entrepreneurs from the Netherlands have made dozens of self-drives through Africa and have spent six months discovering all the secrets of Botswana. By car, on foot, on horseback, from the water and from the air.

That is our story. A story that begins at the start of the corona crisis. The turbulent world made us sell our businesses, leave home and decide to make our dream – hell yes – come true in Botswana. The country where we enjoy spotting wildlife, cooking with locals, relaxing in lodges, spending the night camping, collecting adventures and being open to special encounters. Curious about the whole story?


Storm first fell in love with Botswana in 2019 on a camping trip to Mabuasehube Reserve in the south of the country. During the pandemic, Storm and William longed to go back to Botswana, and they made the decision to move there in March 2022.

In April just a month after moving to Botswana they set off for a quick trip to Savute and bumped into Ebe and Nancy who were on their way to Ghoha Hills. Sticking up a conversation at the Ghoha entrance gate, the rest is history!

Storm has worked in the travel industry for the last 4 years, specialising in trips to Southern Africa and is excited to share her love for Botswana with you. From hidden gems to high-end luxury, she is here to help.

Want to know more? Set up a call with Storm, she’d love to tell you more.

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