Sometimes you experience things in your life that you can only dream of. We experienced something like that last week. As private safari planners of Botswana safaris, we were invited to spend two nights at the fantastic Jack’s Camp. This legendary safari lodge was completely renovated during Covid-19 and is now decorated in an Arabian Nights style. An enchanting combination of old colonial furniture and middle eastern decor. There’s even a natural history museum in the common room! You really want to see this with your own eyes.

For the first fifteen minutes in Jack's Camp, we just stood there looking around speechlessly.

expedition safari in Botswana

Our room is a wonderful safari tent of 10 by 20 metres, surrounded by a spacious deck and even a private plunge pool. The safari tent consists of three compartments; a lounge with beautiful furniture, a bedroom with two fantastic four-poster beds and a super spacious bathroom. For the first fifteen minutes, we just stood there looking around speechlessly. Are you going on a safari in Botswana? Then this is what you dream of.

Night safari in Botswana with a private guide
Anyway, we have to hurry, because at four o’clock we are expected in one of the communal tents for a high tea. This tent is again beautifully decorated and makes the delicious high tea extra special. For a little while, we feel like princes and princesses. Dreams do come true. And another dream is about to become reality: after the extensive dinner, we go on a night safari with our private guide. We spot lots of zebras, wildebeests and even an aardvark. What a special animal that is and what a stroke of luck that we came across it. They only show themselves in the dark.

‘My watch indicates 06.30 when we leave Jack's Camp behind us, on to a new adventure'.

Oh dear, the alarm clock is ringing again. A very short night, but worth it. And to be honest, the fresh coffee and pastries in bed also contribute to a great start to the day. My watch reads 06.30 when we leave Jack’s Camp behind us, on to a new adventure. A little later our 4×4 comes to a stop and we pick up a local guide. He follows the meerkat colony during the day and knows exactly where we can meet them later on. This is handy because these industrious animals have a territory of more than ten square kilometres with lots of burrows. Fortunately, our guide knows which burrow they slept in last night.

Queen Macoco introduces herself

It is seven o’clock. We sit waiting in silent suspense. Total silence. And then suddenly, very cautiously, a sleepy head pokes out of the hole. It is the intelligent Macoco, the queen of this entire colony. She got her name from the documentary makers of the nature series Dynasties for BBC Earth.

Macoco is soon followed by the rest of the colony. What a fantastic sight; they all stand immediately on their hind legs and warm their bellies in the sun. Why do they do that? The belly of a meerkat works kind of like a solar panel, fuelling them up for the day. And it shows because something incredible happens. Wow! One after the other meerkats comes to me and they even use me as some sort of climbing device. According to the guide, they are very good at sensing someone’s positive energy, so I am flattered. After half an hour in the sun, the meerkats are recharged and go on their way. We walk with them for a while during their hunt for juicy beetles, worms and grasshoppers. A special breakfast for them, but that reminds us that we’re getting hungry too! In the meantime, our guide Villa has prepared a great breakfast for us at the car. What a wonderful way to start a new day in Botswana.

Curious about more adventures? I would love to tell you about them over a cup of tea (or glass of wine).