When you plan a safari to Botswana, an incredible adventure awaits you, and you make memories that will last a lifetime!

Botswana safaris

The country is home to the world’s most beautiful wildlife areas and has the most pristine nature in Africa. The landscapes are varied, such as the crystal clear water of the Okavango Delta, the salt pans of Makgadikgadi and the Kalahari desert.

Botswana has two main seasons, the dry season (winter); the summer months in the northern hemisphere. And the wet season, summer, is winter in the northern hemisphere. The wet season is hot and humid and is accompanied by heavy showers. In the dry season, it cools down quite a lot at night but is very pleasant during the day with temperatures around 25°C.

Botswana safaris

It is good to know that you can have your laundry done at most safari lodges in Botswana. So you don’t have to bring clean clothes for all the days you travel, but remember that underwear and socks are usually not washed so you will need your intimates yourself.

If your itinerary includes using a charter flight (also known as a bush plane), you are limited in your luggage, and you can take a maximum of 20 kg, including hand luggage and camera equipment. Please note that you cannot use suitcases with wheels for this style of plane, so soft-shell bags are preferable.

Below are several tips to ensure that you pack your travel bag with the right things for a carefree safari.


  • As most safari activities take place in open safari vehicles or boats, it is important that you wear the most comfortable clothing. We recommend wearing layers of clothing so you can take them off or put them on as the day heats up or cools down. Many bush camps offer a free laundry service, but hotels and B&Bs charge a fee. Washing is usually not possible on a mobile camping safari.
  • Warm jacket/fleece/sweater – windproof in winter and waterproof in summer.
  • We recommend wearing a beanie/hat or cap during all seasons and bringing gloves/scarf in the winter months (May-Sept)
  • Swimwear
  • Neutral-coloured clothing (i.e., no bright colours and no white), t-shirts, shorts, lightweight, long pants, and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt (long sleeves are helpful for sun protection during the day and mosquito protection during the evenings). We think linen, cotton, or breathable clothing is the best to wear
  • Closed toe walking shoes and thick-soled flip-flops/sandals
Botswana safari

Personal goods for Botswana safaris

  • Secure backpack for storing personal items such as camera equipment and laptop to keep them free of dust and/or dry.
  • Botswana banned plastic carrier bags from 1 November 2018. Do not use these to carry shoes/personal items. Instead, use a small canvas or other style travel bag.
  • Flashlights are provided in most safari lodges, but we recommend bringing your own headlamp or flashlight as these are very useful, especially on mobile safaris.
  • Binoculars, camera equipment, spare camera batteries and digital camera memory cards or hard disk.
  • Reading materials – Some camps have a library, but it is limited, so it’s helpful to bring your own books or e-reader for siesta hours.
  • Toiletries – most lodges in Botswana provide basics such as shower gel, body lotion and shampoo. Bring any extras you want, and keep quantities small. Some suggestions: insect repellent stick, sunscreen and shampoo and conditioner, spare reading glasses or contact lenses, small medical kit.

Quick Check List for Botswana Safaris

  • Camera equipment
  • Binoculars
  • Enough storage for photos
  • Charging cords
  • Travel plug
  • Headlamp
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Drinking bottle
  • Deet (Insect
  • Repellent)
  • Sunscreen
  • (SPF50/30)
  • Closed comfortable
  • shoes
  • Flip flops / Sandals
  • Breathable clothing: we prefer to wear linen or thin cotton.
  • Long and short sleeves shirts
  • Swimwear
  • Down jacket, fleece jacket, thick sweater or hoodie, thermal shirt (May to September)
  • Hat, beanie or cap
  • Medicines

When booking your safari trip, we take the time to prepare you as well as possible for your safari adventure in Botswana. This allows you to relax and have good peace of mind for a trip to what we believe is the most beautiful safari destination in the world, Beautiful Botswana!


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