Botswana Specialist works with Pangolin Photo Safaris to bring you a whole new world of safari. Pangolin offers an immersive photographic safari experience that everyone should experience at least once. Let us plan your adventure!

Botswana Specialist

Pangolin offers many products to ensure you get the best Botswana, while the Pangolin Photo Hosts teach you all there is to know about wildlife photography. Botswana Specialist has first-hand experience on these photographic safaris and we’d love to show you more!

From the waterways of the Chobe, the lush and vast Okavango Delta or the incredible Kalahari, there is a location for everyone. So this is for you whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur, or simply interested in an incredible and unique photographic safari.

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Botswana Specialist

Start your Botswana Specialist safari with the Pangolin Chobe Hotel. We believe it sets the perfect scene to start your journey. You’re met at the airport by the friendliest staff and then transferred to an architectural paradise overlooking the Chobe River. In the evening, you’ll go on your first activity, where if you don’t have a camera, you’ll be loaned one to experience their unique boat safaris and learn to capture animals through a lens. Towards the end of the trip, you’ll stop at a picturesque site to enjoy a sundowner and back to the Chobe Hotel for an incredibly hosted 3-course dinner overlooking the river and under the beautiful African sky. The following morning, you’re off on a game drive or another boat safari to learn about photographing in the morning.

Finally, you’ll stop for a tea break and soak in the experience. Mid-morning, you’ll head back to the hotel for a brunch stop, and then the afternoon is yours! Either chat with your photo host for a photo editing session or relax in the hotel before tea and your evening experience.

Sounds like bliss, right? We think so too but, it gets better!

When planning your unique Botswana Specialist style holiday we weave this hotel at the start or end of your safari but if you’d like to do the same but stay on the river for a few nights we can organise that too!

How about a  beautiful houseboat experience where you spend three nights cruising through the Caprivi floodplain ecosystem, enjoying exquisite vistas and game viewing from the sundeck? After three days, head back to The Chobe and enjoy exploring the park through game drives and a few more river-based activities before continuing your adventure through Botswana with us!

Botswana Specialist

Not ready to say goodbye to your photo host and want to be guided through The Chobe, Delta and Kalahari while staying in beautiful lodges and putting your camera to use?

Botswana Specialist will work with Pangolin on a 10-day itinerary through the best of Botswana.

Another reason why we love working with Pangolin is because of their not-for-profit organisation Pangolin.Africa. This incredible NPO works hard to conserve and protect the four African Pangolin species. Every night spent at the Pangolin Properties contributes $5 to Pangolin.Africa – which is phenomenal.

Keen to experience the beauty of this lodge, be hosted by fantastic wildlife photographers and contribute towards Pangolin conservation – let Botswana Specialist plan your holiday.

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