Sky Beds…

We spent three nights at Sable Alley safari lodge in Khwai Private Game Reserve (KPGR). After the morning game drive, we returned to the lodge as usual for brunch. The night before we had already packed our lightweight bag for the upcoming adventure that awaited us, Sky Beds, a unique safari experience under the stars of Botswana!

While the guide prepared high tea, we enjoyed watching the elephants and buffaloes come to drink and bathe at the waterhole.

Underground Hyde                                                                                                                             

Sky Beds is located a little deeper in the Khwai Private Game Reserve (KPGR) and is approximately a 3 hour from the airstrip, which is an indication of how big the safari concessions in Botswana are. We opted for a flight by helicopter, which took us 10 minutes over the Okavango Delta and woodlands to the landing-place near Hyena Pan, a safari lodge where the elephants play a leading role. Once there, and after a short briefing, we set off with our guide in a game view vehicle to an “Underground Hide”, a dug-in container at a waterhole, which overlooks the water at eye level and where the wildlife has no idea that anyone is inside. While the guide prepared high tea, we enjoyed watching the elephants and buffaloes come to drink and bathe at the waterhole. Because you are at water level, you can take beautiful pictures from the bunker. After an hour and a half in the hyde, we get back in our safari jeep for a short drive to Sky Beds, one of the most unique safari nights in Botswana!

The fantastic staff have already lit the campfire and are preparing our dinner, while we listen attentively to some of the guide's interesting anecdotes.

At a height and close to nature                                                                                         

When we arrive at Sky Beds, we realise that this is going to be a very special safari overnight. Put Sky Beds on your bucket list, for when you have plans to go on a safari to Botswana 😉 Near a waterhole, we see four wooden towers, three to spend the night in and one where breakfast and dinner are served, with a sky bar at the top of the tower, offering a beautiful view of the savannah. Our tower for the night consists of two floors; on the first floor we find a luxurious bathroom and on the top floor there is an enormous bed with a mosquito net out in the open.

WOW! What a view, when the sun goes down, we see a giraffe at the edge of the waterhole drinking. The wildlife comes and goes, and this feeling to be so close to nature at this altitude is too special for words. After we have settled in, we first enjoy a sundowner at the sky bar, while the stars come out, we hear the elephants trumpeting in the background. Meanwhile, the fantastic staff lights the campfire and prepares our surprise dinner. During dinner, we listen attentively to the guide’s beautiful safari anecdotes. We have a nightcap at the campfire before we go to bed.

We wake up at dawn to the roaring of lions and see the moon disappear on the horizon.

Sleeping under the stars                                                                                                             

After the guide has checked whether the coast is clear, he takes us to our tower. In bed we look at the countless stars and wait for that one falling star, we make a wish and fall asleep, tired and satisfied. Before dawn, we wake up to roaring lions and see the moon disappear on the horizon. After a coffee and a rusk at the campfire, we leave for a walking safari through this super unspoilt area, you suddenly realise that it must have looked the same here a thousand years ago. After the walk, a full breakfast awaits us, including croissants, before we set off for the helicopter. Sky Beds has stolen our hearts, an adventure never to be forgotten…

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