Botswana Specialist will take your wildest safari dreams and turn them into a reality. From picturesque game drives to fly-in safaris, there’s something for everyone.

Botswana Specialist are true specialists when it comes to tailormade trips in Botswana.

From adventurous self-drives with beautiful lodges in between to high-end fly-in safaris. Botswana is one of the world’s wildest places with incredible wildlife and breath-taking views. It’s home to the Okavango Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the beautiful, sprawling Kalahari Desert. See the magic of this country unfold right in front of you with phenomenal adventures, awe-inspiring sunrises and magnificent evenings under the stars. Explore paradise with game drives, unique water safaris or on horseback. With its low volume of tourism, Botswana is just waiting to be discovered. Talk about a highlight reel: there are perfect safaris, the chance to view the meerkats in the Kalahari then enjoy sundowners with friends overlooking the waterways of the Okavango Delta. Botswana Specialist plans trips that’ll leave you feeling fulfilled, inspired and so much more. If you’re dreaming about it, the team can make it happen.

Botswana Specialist plans trips that’ll leave you feeling fulfilled, inspired and so much more.

Keen photographer?

Why not enjoy a specialised hosted photographic safari on the Chobe River or take a beautiful, exclusive and personalised helicopter safari over the Okavango Delta for the adventure of a lifetime? If you’ve got a passion for horse riding, there are trips for that too. Whether it’s riding through the wetlands of the Delta or across the salt pans of the Kalahari, you’ll find yourself swept away by the beauty of Botswana. Just want to sit back and enjoy the view? Whether you’re glamping in a luxury lodge in a private concession or enjoying stargazing from your bed (there are incredible sleep-out experiences), you can do it all. Not to mention, gorgeous guided bush walks that’ll teach you so much more than you can imagine. The team at Botswana Specialist is passionate about Botswana — the gorgeous vistas, the incredible wildlife and, of course, some of the most beautiful lodges Africa has to offer. You’ve seen snippets of the country from the BBC or Nat Geo on your TV screens, but that doesn’t even come close to what you can experience in real life. Botswana is the perfect destination for any type of trip, whether it’s a romantic honeymoon, a once-a-year friends reunion or family getaway.

The team are a close-knit group of travel planners with first-hand experience in Botswana.

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you just see a picture of a place and instantly fall in love? That was Botswana for the three team members (and hopefully now you as well). Whether it was the wilderness, the freedom or the unknown, something just drew them to this magical country. They found they simply had to embark on this adventure. After many photographic trips, self-drives, plane safaris, bush walks and, of course, a dozen nights in the most spectacular lodges, the team at Botswana Specialist want to share the gems and secrets of Botswana with you. All that, and so much more. Everyone at Botswana Specialist is passionate about showcasing what this country has to offer. Let the team help you put together the perfect getaway — a truly unique and unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

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