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Can you imagine this? While toasting with a sundowner, think back to the ultimate adventures in Botswana. Meeting a herd of elephants, coming face to face with a pride of lions and going on a boat safari through the Okavango Delta. Yes, this is the Botswana trip of a lifetime! And tomorrow a wonderful game drive through the Kalahari awaits too. But first, spend another night in Botswana’s most luxurious lodge. Are you ready for the next adventure of your fully catered Botswana trip?

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What will be the story of your tour of Botswana?

Years back, we made our first roundtrip in Botswana. Unforgettable and life-changing. Because during that first roundtrip in Botswana, we were totally captured by this green paradise in Africa.  As adventurers, entrepreneurs, Dutch people and above all as human beings. Not surprisingly, we made dozens more tours in Botswana. With self-drives, fly-inn safaris, bushwalks, horseback riding safaris and overnight stays in spectacular lodges and campsites. Now we are happy to share with you all our secrets for the best roundtrip Botswana. What will be the story of your Botswana trip? Read our story now.

Botswana safari

Inspiration for your safari in Botswana.

Botswana Safari

Classic Adventurer

Pack your bag for a classic Botswana adventure. A visit to one of the seven nature wonders of the world, boat safaris on the Chobe River and game drives through the Okavango Delta. And all this while enjoying stylish classic safari camps
Thirteen-day trip from £7.700,- p.p.

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Five star expedition

Ready for an incredible luxurious fly-in safari? I mean, who isn’t? From gorgeous exclusive glamping to high-end lodges and private safaris in Linyanti. This is the whole package!
Eleven-day trip from £18.500,- p.p.

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botswana horseback safari

Ride the Kalahari & Okavango Delta

This Okavango Delta & Desert Ride is the ultimate horseback safari in Africa combining he two of the most spectacular areas of Botswana. The price for this nine-day horseback safari in Botswana starts from £7.950,- p.p.

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Safari in Botswana

A Family Affair

Making memories with the most loved people around you. Sleep-out, quad biking, Makgadikgadi and the Okavango Delta. An all-over Botswana experience for the whole family. Thirteen-day trip from £4.235 p.p.

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Botswana Explorer

Step into the world of Dereck & Berverly Joubert, great conservationists. This is their habitat where they recorded many documentaries for Nat Geo, among others. Explore Botswana! Thirteen-day trip from £7.485,- p.p.

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Follow the water

Fly-ins, game drives, boat trips, and luxury lodges. What more could you dream of? This trip will tick all of your boxes from Maun to Khwai, the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls.
Thirteen-day trip from £7.700,- p.p.

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The best of Botswana

Hop in your 4×4 and travel through beautiful Botswana to the most luxurious lodges. This is an exciting and laid-back safari style for those adventurers who appreciate luxury!
Thirteen-day trip from £5.940,- p.p.

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Journey of a lifetime

So you want to see everything, experience everything? From sprawling deserts to the infamous Delta, and of course, the meerkats. This is for you! Super luxurious and unforgettable fly-in. Twelve-day trip from £6.750,- p.p

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Botswana Specialist

Therefore a trip to botswana

The land of the Tswana.

This pearl in Africa is the country of your unforgettable roundtrip Botswana. But above all, it is also the land of the Tswna, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta and huge amounts of wildlife. So what does your fully catered and high-end roundtrip Botswana look like? Will you opt for more campsites or rather luxury lodges during your roundtrip? Will you go for an unparalleled fly inn or will a self-drive through the country take centre stage? The possibilities and hotspots for your roundtrip through Botswana are limitless. That is why Botswana Specialist does not offer standard Botswana roundtrips, but rather tailors every Botswana trip to your needs. Nevertheless, we do share with you some concrete information about Botswana. Which season is best? How can you properly prepare your Botswana tour? We answer all these kinds of questions.

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Experiences & tips for your round trip in Botswana.

Sky Beds…

We spent three nights at Sable Alley safari lodge in Khwai Private Game Reserve (KPGR). After the morning game drive, we returned to the lodge

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