Helicopter Safari


You know that feeling when you're in a plane in the window seat and see a new landscape for the first time?

No matter how often you fly, that feeling never goes away. Now imagine that feeling on safari in Africa. 

With this tailor-made helicopter expedition, you can see Botswana’s beauty, all while feeling the same excitement you get when travelling to a new location. Imagine elephants roaming across open, expansive waterways, vast – incredible saltpans, roaming hills and more — immersive, beautiful Botswana. 

More about the safari then, let's go!

This helicopter expedition calls all adventurers on a journey of discovery that will be hard to forget. Places the average safari will never reach now lie at your feet. You are hosted and captained by the wildly experienced and talented Bart Aarsse, who has teamed up with Botswana Specialist to uncover hidden gems and show you unique areas across Botswana. 

You’ll see these phenomenal locations from the air and stop for mimosas, or a G&T on remote islands scouted explicitly for you. The best part, you get all of this excitement in a morning outing or an afternoon adventure. If you ask us, it’s the perfect way to see Botswana in a fraction of the time. 

Botswana Specialist teamed up with Bart to bring you an extraordinary adventure.

From the skies to land and, of course, the waterways of Botswana. Between outings, you can choose from glamping in a mobile safari-style way or relaxing at luxury lodges. Together with Bart, we’ll find the perfect balance of adventure tailor-made specifically for you. 

Are you interested in photography, or do it professionally? Then get ready – these flights are exceptionally suited for photography.

Your captain has years of experience with aerial photo and videography and will expertly navigate the helicopter to bring you the perfect shot. In addition, Bart removes the doors during photographic/scenic flights for a better, unrestricted view. Talk about a stand-out image for your portfolio!

As you can already tell, Bart's experience goes beyond the flight deck.

With pleasure, he takes on the role of host and guide in the air and on the ground. As a result, every single flight is not only stunning but also informative. In collaboration with the guides, he helps ensure that you miss nothing of the wildlife, even on the ground. 

Are you looking for a safari off the beaten path? Then, the helicopter safari is an expedition of which there is no other! Together, Bart, Nancy and Ebe have a tremendous amount of experience planning these unique and once and lifetime safari, so trust us when we say, you’ll remember this for the rest of your life.

Get in touch with us to plan your adventure today:

Let us plan your once-in-a-lifetime adventure for you. The best way to plan your perfect holiday is to hop on a call, discuss your dreams and wishes and then create a bespoke travel plan just for you. Sound good? Please send us a message, and let’s get started on getting you onto this helicopter safari.

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