Kalahari Ride


A six-day highlight reel of the Kalahari.

Ready for non-stop highlights? Discover Botswana as the earliest explorers did. Get in the saddle and trek across grass plains, salt pans and, along surprising palm islands. Your home base is Camp Kalahari at the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, but a night in the open air under the most beautiful starry skies is not to be missed! Welcome to Botswana’s most fascinating wilderness, at the height of the migration season a multitude of zebras, wildebeests, hartebeests and ostriches are sure to join you for the adventure. And you know, the meerkats are fantastic too!


Feel completely at home at Camp Kalahari.

Had a good flight or car ride? Then just wait, the welcome gets even better. At Camp Kalahari, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by your host and guide David Foot. The camp staff takes it up a notch and greets you with a local welcome song. The best of Africa! Make yourself comfortable in your luxurious tent, take a dive in the beautiful swimming pool or have a short siesta. Then it is time for the introductory ride; get used to your horse, the beautiful surroundings and unique views. By doing this, you will immediately make day 1 a relaxing highlight. And how else to end a day like this than with a nice sundowner and a delicious dinner? Exactly, that is the Camp-Kalahari style!

Day 2

Riding into the horizon at sunrise.

Today you will be delighted to hear your early morning alarm clock go off. After a light breakfast, it’s time to saddle up the horses and ride off into the sunrise. Rub the sleep out of your eyes and enjoy this magnificent ride over the grass plains and along the salt pans in search of wild animals. When you return to camp, another delicious lunch is waiting for you. Splash! Take a dip in the pool, because as you may know, tempartures can soar in the Kalahari. After the excellent high tea, you will hop back on your house again and go searching for small and wild desert inhabitants. Spot the hyena, aardvark and springhare. Of course, this day will end with a delicious dinner and a nightcap by the campfire. Sweet dreams.


The great adventure of Xau Xai.

Ready for the first long trek together with your four-legged friend? Leave Camp Kalahari and head towards Xau Xai where your temporary camp is set up. Tip: make sure you have enough clothes with you for these two adventurous days in the wilderness. After the breathtaking stretches through the Mopani and Acacia forests, it is time to speed up with a full gallop over the grassy plains. Talk about feeling the wind in your hair! Stop for a moment and enjoy lunch at Greens Baobab. The old baobab is full of the initials of old explorers. And speaking of explorers: did you know that you are travelling the same route as David Livingstone? Isn’t that nice! After lunch, continue with your adventure and arrive at the camp in Xau Xai at the end of the afternoon. Once you have arrived at your mobile camp it’s time to sit back and enjoy the sunset. After dinner under the overwhelming starry sky, you retreat to your dome tent to spend the night. Good night!


Once-in-a-lifetime night in the middle of the Kalahari.

The day starts well; there you are with a steaming cup of coffee and a light breakfast in the middle of the wilderness. For a moment, imagine yourself in a film and the next scene is very special; you will soon meet a whole meerkat family. It may not sound spectacular, but we promise you that you will remember it forever! The curious animals may even come and sit on you to warm themselves in the sun. A truly unique experience! Back in the Camp, there is time for a refreshing shower and a good lunch.

Later in the afternoon, you and your horse head out into the 16,000km2 salt pans. As soon as you can only see the white salt, you have lost all your orientation points and there is no sound to be heard, time to set up camp. This is going to be a special night! Roll out your mattress and spend the night in the middle of the Kalahari. A once-in-a-lifetime-experience.


In the footsteps of David Livingstone.

While the dawn greets the landscape and the first sunrays draw long shadows on the salt pans, it is time to get ready for the next ride. In the saddle, that is. Today, we take it easy and have plenty of time to look for the wild animals of the Kalahari. On the way, we also pass Chapman’s Baobab, recognised as one of the largest trees in Africa with a circumference of 25 metres. This is where David Livingstone camped while discovering this beautiful area. Back at Camp Kalahari, you will have time to freshen up before lunch. This afternoon is all about rest and rejuvenation – go on and relax, you deserve it.


Making friends with the Bushmen.

Already the last day of your fantastic horseback riding safari. But don’t worry, we’ll make today a special day too. After your delicious breakfast, we have something exciting planned: a meeting with the local Bushmen. They will explain how they have survived in this area for centuries and tell you all about their special culture and traditions. After this morning, you will enjoy lunch at Camp Kalahari before driving or flying back to Maun. You will never forget the adventures you had during the past few days. We promise you that!

Has the travel bug started biting? If you’d like to know more about this horseback riding safari just get in touch. We are horse lovers too and will be happy to tell you more.

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