Prepare for the untouched wilderness.

Awe-inspiringly beautiful and yet unspoilt. Do you want to experience real Africa? Why not choose an exclusive safari through Botswana. Intense, breathtaking, exciting, limitless and sometimes almost unbelievably beautiful. That being said, a one-of-a-kind safari through such a unique country naturally requires some preparation. We’re on it! As Botswana specialists, we will plan your exclusive private safari in detail and share our tailored made network throughout Botswana with you. Would you like to get to know Botswana better?

Get a feel for your destinations.

To be honest, the whole of Botswana is beautiful! But of course, there are some exceptional areas that you will want to see no matter what. Places where you can take the most impressive wildlife pictures; sleep under the stars; see elephants bathe; come face to face with lions; walk with the San Bushmen or even spot leopards. From the Chobe River to The Kalahari, from the Okavango Delta to Khwai Concession.

What are the best travel times for Botswana?

Every season in Botswana has its specialities. Just like every area has its own best seasons. So then, what is the best time to travel to Botswana? In general, we recommend travelling during the Botswana winter which falls between April and October. It has pleasant temperatures and it is not as hot as in summer. Nevertheless, summer has its advantages; nature is at its greenest!


So you'll be well prepared.

Trust us when we say that packing your suitcase is half an adventure on its own! If you’re looking to get the most out of your trip, then look no further – Botswana Specialist has you covered. We will gladly give you all our tips and tricks during a free consultation call, but also share some practical information with you. Which travel documents and vaccinations do you need? What about safety? Is your driving licence valid and what about electricity?

We have the answers to your questions about Botswana.

You are enthusiastic about Botswana. You are now thinking about going on a beautiful safari trip in this most beautiful country in Africa. But, you still have some questions. Logically. Is it save to travel Botswana? What about travelling with kids? And how to get around in Botswana? Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions about traveling in Botswana.