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What will be your favourite area in Botswana?

Exploring the Delta by a traditional mokoro. Driving through the desert in a 4×4. Gliding over the grasslands in a helicopter. From sleeping under the stars to spotting meerkats during a quad bike safari, each area in Botswana has its own stunning draw cards and will steal your heart. As private safari planners for Botswana, it’s hard to pick a favourite because we love each part of the country differently. That’s why we are so passionate about what we do and can’t wait to share our enthusiasm with you personally! So join us on this adventure while we share our knowledge and love of the people, animals, nature, vistas, lodges and everything in between.

Chobe National Park

Spotting herds of Elephants from the river.

Can you imagine it? You’re cruising down the Chobe River, while a whole family of elephants are drinking at the riverbanks. In this 21,000 km2 park, you will explore many different landscapes as well as Africa’s largest elephant population. That being said, you can switch the boat cruise and also go on fantastic game drives where you are bound to see giraffes, lions and klipspringers. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a cheetah! A particular favourite is a trip to the bird paradise that is Sendudu Island. From the town of Kasane that borders the park, you can also make a magical super trip to Victoria Falls.

Best travel times: June-September for wildlife, December-March for lush green nature.

A secluded paradise for animals.

You cannot ask for more when it comes to Linyanti. It is one the best parks for spotting wildlife and yet few tourists! To be honest, the roads are a little challenging, so good 4×4 skills are required. But trust us when we say it’s worth it: spot elephants, hippos, zebras and maybe even a rare serval cat or pangolin. The concession of some 1250 km2 is characterised by grass plains, meandering rivers and mopane forests. And don’t forget the gorgeous exclusive lodges! The most beautiful thing about this park though? The absolutely breathtaking sunsets each evening.

Best travel times: May-September for wildlife, December-March for green nature.

Savuti Game Reserve

Relaxed hippos and prowling lions.

This exclusive game reserve of about 5000 km2 and boasts fantastic campsites. A personal favourite for self-drives. But that is not all. In addition to the impressive and photogenic landscape of grasslands and woodlands, you will come across many different animals here. Just to name a few: wildebeests, zebras, elephants, hippos, giraffes, buffaloes and of course, lions. Have you heard about the world-famous Marsh Pride from Savuti?! With a bit of luck, you might just catch a glimpse of them while in the park. What makes them so special? Well, they are best known for their ability to take down an elephant or two!

Best travel times: June-September for wildlife, December-March for green nature.

Botswana's largest salt plains with migrating zebras.

Once a lake, now one of the largest salt plains in the world. Imagine over 16,000 km2 of salt and open plains as far as the eye can see. Sounds a bit barren? Not a chance! There is a lot to discover in this eerie and unique landscape. This is the perfect place to explore on a quad bike expedition, or even better – a visit to the meerkats! That’s not all, we haven’t even mentioned our favourite recommendation yet: the immense zebra migration in April. Thousands of zebras cross the plains, chased by hungry hyenas. Must see.

Best travel times: April-October wildlife, November-March birds & flamingos.

Nxai Pan National Park

Incredible baobabs and grazing impalas.

What diversity! This 2100 km2 park in the West of Botswana is honestly a fantastic adventure to have and explore in your own 4 x 4. We’ve got the perfect campsite for you as well. The mixture of salt pans, lush grass plains and water holes attract a lot of wildlife. We bet that you will see gemsbok, impala and springbok! Or will you go in search of a lion, cheetah, wild dog or bat-eared fox? Whatever you do, don’t forget to stop at the Baines Baobabs. Standing under these several ginormous Baobabs is bound to leave you feeling really small! That being said, this is pure Botswana Magic.

Best travel times: November – March for wildlife, birdlife and flora.

One of nature's greatest spectacles.

From the Okavango River, the Boteti River meanders slowly down towards the Kalahari Desert.
Before it starts to dry, it offers you the chance to spot an abundance of wildlife. Many giraffes and wild animals call this riverbank home. There is also an opportunity to spot wild dogs, elephants, a honey badger, a leopard or even an aardwolf. Wait, we almost forgot the zebra! In the dry season, tens of thousands of zebras gather here at Boteti River. A natural spectacle that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Best travel times: June – October for wildlife.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Land of the San, wildebeests and vistas.

The largest game reserve Botswana has to offer! This reserve sprawls over 53,000 km2 and covers a large majority of central Botswana. This unique, dramatic and magical park lies in the middle of the Kalahari Desert making it relatively dry but oh so special! This land is home to several hundred San Bushmen and does not have as much wildlife as Northern Botswana for example but that does not mean it should be missed. So why go on a self-drive in your 4×4 then? Well, this reserve will take you back to the basics of raw adventure! There are relatively few tourists and many opportunities for incredible photographs with stunning backdrops. You have the chance to spot jackals, hyenas, wildebeests giraffes, lions and leopards. If you’re lucky, maybe even wild dogs. So get ready for a real exploration here!

Best travel times: December-March for wildlife and birdlife, April-May for wildlife.

Magical night safaris in a lush oasis.

The Okavango Delta needs no introduction. This lush oasis in the middle of vast sandy plains is iconic. We can quite confidently say that The Okavango Delta is the place to be. This large wetland ecosystem is extremely well protected and therefore quite expensive to visit. However, that is the beauty of it too. This keeps our beautiful, awe-inspiring and unique spots exclusive and a well-kept secret. Did you know that the Delta was the 1,000th UNESCO World Heritage site? Special right! It also boasts many private concessions which come with a lot of advantages. You can go on exciting night safaris together with your private rangers in search of elephants, leopards, lions and… rhinos.

Best travel times: June-September for wildlife, December-March for birdlife & flora.

Moremi Game Reserve

Cruising in a mokoro in search of rhinos.

Back to the wild! This is one of our favourite areas in the Okavango Delta. Why? Moremi’s 5000 km2 offers fantastic safaris over both land and water, the best places to spot birds and beautiful landscapes. Have you seen those beautiful mokoro photographs? That could be you next! This is a fantastic way to see the park and with any luck, your “poler” (the traditional name for the boat steerer) will know the hotspots for hippos, elephants, buffaloes or even lions on the riverbanks. We can’t believe it but nowadays, even white rhinos live on the special Chiefs Island! Bizarre and exciting!

Best travel times: June-September for wildlife, December-March for flora & young animals.

Best travel times: December-March for wildlife and birdlife, April-May for wildlife.

One of the best areas for a self-drive safari.

This concession is right next to the Moremi Game Reserve, but it has its own magical experiences to be had! Along the banks of the water live many crocodiles and hippos, in the woodlands, you will spot many monkeys and birds. You can make an excellent self-drive safari here with your 4×4, in search of the special sable antelope. Or will you soon be spotting kudu, wild dogs, tsessebe, elephants and lions? Either way, you will experience an unforgettable adventure full of wildlife and great nights in this 1,800 km2 concession.

Best travel times: June-September for wildlife, December-March for flora & young animals.

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