Every season in Botswana is special.

No matter if you’re exploring the Makgadikgadi and all the Kalahari has to boast or adventuring through the Okavango Delta, there’s always something to do and see despite the seasons. Each month offers something new and exciting in Botswana. Whether you’re a keen birder, photographer, adventurer or safari enthusiast – there’s always something to see. Not to mention, if you haven’t visited this country, your time is now.


The warm, humid and exuberant summer in Botswana.

It is summer, the green season! During the day it is hot and humid, with the promise, more often than not, of rain in the late afternoons. Don’t let that put you off, because it is now that Botswana is at its greenest and coming to life! Bright green grass, food in abundance, thousands of migratory birds are returning and many young animals are being born. The perfect time to travel for birdwatchers and photographers. Although it is less easy to spot wildlife it still makes for breathtaking photographs when those storm clouds roll in.

The quiet green transitional season in Botswana.

Gradually the rains abate, the light brightens and the Okavango Delta fills with water from the highlands. During the day, it is less warm, around 25 to 30 degrees, but in the morning it is still really chilly (we’d recommend a few layers for your morning activity). The large herds of wildlife are still enjoying the green grass on the plains of Makgadikgadi and the Kalahari. In the parks, it is still quiet, which makes this the perfect travel time for those who prefer exclusivity.


The start of the beautiful winter in Botswana.

Delightful! Botswana has a unique winter where on most days by lunchtime the temperature is up to 25 degrees. At night, however, it cools down tremendously and the mercury in the Kalahari can even drop to around freezing point. The rains have stopped too. Large herds of elephants and other animals travel through the country in search of water. They are already congregating near the scarce water holes and are therefore easy to spot. A good travel time for a safari through Botswana.

The dry but lively winter in Botswana.

Our favourite time to go on safari in Botswana. Especially if you want to see as much wildlife as possible in the Okavanga Delta. Although the weather is getting warmer, the water is at its highest now and thousands of animals gather on the dry land. In all other parks, there is less water, so the herds are concentrated. The best chance of spotting many kinds of wildlife. From elephants to buffaloes.

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